Diversified technique at Axis Chiropractic is exactly what it sounds like. Most of our adjusting is done by hand and by feel. Our Doctors have found that we can pinpoint problem areas by feel, Orthopedic testing, and imaging. We don't rely on a scanning machine to tell us whats wrong! By choosing the best techniques from a variety of well established and proven chiropractic techniques we can better serve our patients. In our opinion, there isn't just one good technique out there. Using all these different sytles helps us taylor an adjustment just for you. This is usually more than one way to adjust any given joint in the body. You may get great results with one technique and not as good with another. limiting your style to just one or two takes away the ability to give you the best treatment possible. We often find that one adjustment may be more comfortable than another for the same region. Patient feedback on how you like to be adjusted is always welcome.