Thompson Drop-Table

Thompson Terminal Point Technique, also known as Thompson Drop-Table Techique, is a chiropractic technique which uses a precision adjusting table along with a weighing mechanism which gives sufficient tension to keep the patient in the "up" position before the thrust or pressure is applied. Thompson Technique is a specific chiropractic technique. This technique comprimises of a special table with several segments in it known as drop pieces.These table segments can be lifted up a fraction of an inch, so that upon delivering a thrust, the table drops.This table is known as a "Segmental Drop Table" and it helps in enhancing the motion of the area or segment which is to be adjusted, usually the mid-back, low back and pelvic areas. These drop pieces aid in the thrust thus minimizing the force/pressure required for the adjustment. This is one of the benefits of this technique. This technique (spinal adjusting) usually entails the patient lying face down.