Extremity Adjusting

We do more than backs! Did you know that we can adjust ankles, wrists, knees, and elbows! Many patients see us for various issues relating to aches and pains in the arms and legs. Knees and wrists tend to be two of the more common regions we work on. Due to the complexity of the joints of the leg, quite often people twist, turn, sprain, strain, or just plain wear out these regions of the leg. When you come to us with your issue we can assess what happend to cause the injury, what disfunction you may have, and how to best treat it. If you have a minor injury like a sprain or strain, we can go through and make sure everything is aligned, working the best it can at the time, and may do different therapies on the area to help it heal quicker.

We also see many patients that are managing pain with a worn out joint to try and postpone a future surgery as long as possible. The reasoning behind this can be one of many concerns, the most often being younger patients that want to try and avoid having a second joint replacement after the life of the first replacement has hit it's lifespan. By prolonging a replacement as long as possible, you may not have to have that second surgery down the road. Pain and functionality usuallly dictate how long you can postpone a replacement, but it must be discussed with your MD or Orthopedic surgeon. We have been able to assist many patients with pain management for this exact reason.